Our raw honey is made by bees from the nectar of wildflowers such as apple blossoms, wild rose, lychee, eucalyptus, and mustard. The bees travel from the apple trees at Snow View Orchard nestled in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon hills at an elevation of 8000ft, to the dense forests of Jim Corbett National Park, and then spend the winter days in the mustard fields in the plains of Uttarakhand.

At Snow View, we aim to support a sustainable way of life and farming.

We endeavor to preserve the region’s beautiful and fragile.


The Knotty Tea light comes in a combination of Cherry red, biscuit and matte gold made using biodegradable natural cotton yarns, free of chemical dyes and wooden rings -handcrafted using the age old knotting technique of Macramé.The tea-light candles are hand poured using organic soy wax into a recyclable tin with cotton wicks.Our tea lights are small-batch, handmade products and variations in colour, pattern, and size should be expected.We utilise as much the cords as possible and use the scraps for other collections, which helps us to achieve a zero waste product.Packaged in a brown recycled kraft paper boxDimensions of the tea light :Diameter (Cherry red) : 7"Diameter (Biscuit) : 7"Diameter (Dual color) : 6"environment by reviving the local economy.

Diwali Hamper - Raw Wildflower Honey + Set of 3 TeaLights

  • Care Instructions

    Cotton fibre comes from a cotton plant, which makes it a 100% natural material. Cotton is soft and pleasant to touch, yet it is very durable. To ensure your new macrame product lives a long a happy life, please follow our instructions on proper care and maintenance.

    • Cotton fibre macrame pieces are meant to be used indoors. If you plan on hanging your art outdoors, ensure you protect it from the sun and water exposure.
    • Gently brush the fringes and tassels with a hair brush/comb after putting them up. 
    • Keep the fibres away from an open flame (candles, fireplaces).
    • The tea-light candles are hand poured using organic soy wax into a recyclable tin with cotton wicks. Keep away from flammable objects, children and pets. Use them on heat resistant surfaces
  • Specifications

    Ingredients : 100% Raw Honey


    Net weight : 250g


    No added preservatives , sugar or any other ingredients.

    Rich in Vitamins, Antioxidants and Antibacterial properties.

    Made in India.


    Nutrition Facts* Per 100g :


    Energy : 316.8 Kcal

    Sucrose : 1.19g

    Carbohydrates : 79.2g

    Protein : Nil

    Fat : Nil

    FSSaI :  Lic 10015012000315