Product Story


We love to create sustainable products that spark the imagination! Our main sources of inspiration lie in nature, art & different cultures.


The products are made from recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable inks.

They all last a very long time but, if a time ever comes that you no longer want them, they can also be recycled.


Every design made represents a new tree planted every year with a mission to plant new forests worldwide and to restore existing forests. In this way they contribute to a better climate more biodiversity and better living conditions for local people.


₹1,750.00 Regular Price
₹1,050.00Sale Price
  • Product Information

    Hidden beneath the water surface lies a wondrous world full of fascinating creatures.


    Soundlessly, strong and delicate sea creatures like lobsters and sea horses walk, float and swim past rocks and corals, among shells and swirling grains of sand.


    This lobster adds a whole new dimension to your home.

  • Specifications

    3D object to build, comes flatpacked;


    Made of recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable inks;


    Dimensions when built up: 17 x 10 x 39 cm; 2 x A4 sheet with 17 pieces to pop out and assemble;


    Assembly instructions can be found on the inside of the packaging.