The Yoruba Necklace comes in a combination of brown and off-white natural cotton cords and wooden rings handcrafted using the age old knotting technique of Macramé.

Our necklaces are small-batch handmade products and variations in colour, pattern, and size should be expected.


Packaged in a Kraft paper tie up envelope that can be reused/recycled.

The Yoruba Necklace is inspired from the Yoruba tribe.

A huge conurbation of Lagos is primarily Yoruba with the people still recognizable as from a specific tribe simply on language who still live a tradition rural subsistence life.

Dimensions of the Collar (excluding the wooden ring)

Length : 6 1/2"

Breadth : 7"


Wooden Ring : 1"

All about Knots - Yoruba Necklace

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  • Care Instructions

    Cotton fiber comes from a cotton plant, which makes it a 100% natural material. Cotton is soft and pleasant to touch, yet it is very durable. To ensure your new macrame necklace lives a long a happy life, please follow our instructions on proper care and maintenance.


    • Cotton fiber macrame pieces are meant to be used indoors. If you plan on hanging your art outdoors, ensure you protect it from the sun and water exposure.
    • Gently brush the fringes and tassels with your fingers.
    • Only put on your jewelry after perfume and/or hair care products have dried - these may cause staining of the cotton cords.
    • Remove jewelry before swimming or showering - chlorine, some soaps and just immersing in water, may cause damage to your macramé jewelry.
    • Keep the fibers away from an open flame (candles, fireplaces).
    • When not wearing your jewelry we recommend storing in a cotton/paper bag in a dry area away from sunlight.

    General Cleaning
    If your macrame jewelry requires cleaning, you can use some mild or diluted liquid soap on the cord only, on occasion. Make sure you rinse the soap off quickly with cold water and dry the cord by pressing between a soft towel to remove excess water.