Tucked away in the mountains of Northern Malawi lies the yewo workshop. The team proudly gather here five days a week to handcraft every  item while creating a family-like, safe work envirnoment for all. Their mission is to fight poverty in rural Malawi by investing in local leaders through artisan training, holistic job creation, and sustainable employment with social perks (small business training, daily meals, personal budgeting classes).

Additionally, extra profits are invested into local education initiatives and scholarship programs for individuals who would otherwise not have the opportunity to go to school. 

Recycled, regionally sourced brass is used to make all of yewo jewelry. Brass is an ancient metal alloy comprised of copper + zinc and is a sustainable metal option.

Deforestation is a huge environmental threat to Malawi. No live trees were hurt in making wooden jewelry! Instead, fallen teak branches + off-cuts are utilized to make all jewelry pieces. In addition,  a YEWO tree-nursery project in Manchewe village has been initiated and have planted over 200 seedlings up-to-date!